Jack Heuer: The Last Defender Of The Heuer Family

On the eve of this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, we gathered in a hotel a few hundred yards off the coast of East Sussex, England. At this annual motorsport event held this weekend, Mr. Heuer, or ‘Jack’ as it is called in every population, is undoubtedly the VIP and absolute protagonist of this press conference. The last member of the TAG Heuer family, wearing his own 80th birthday limited edition Carrera Calibre 17
    Ordinary people probably dare not want to have dinner with the greats of the watch industry. On the eve of this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, Robin Swithinbank is extremely honored to have dinner with Mr. Jack Heuer at the same table.
     Jack Heuer is nearly 80 years old, still mentally stunned, in good shape, and with a healthy age that is unimaginable for people of this age. Five weeks ago, he had a knee replacement surgery due to a serious ski accident (now he still has a passion for skiing-participating as a student). He didn’t use any crutches or canes to support him that day, and there wasn’t even a charming public relations lady around to take care of him.
    I had never seen him before, but this time I was arranged beside him and sat down in front of a large plate of grilled meat, chicken and lobster. He’s talkative, charismatic, and obviously a bit hungry. The dinner was buffet-style. He was the first to leave the table for a second set.
The TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 17 Jack Heuer 80th Birthday
    Between meals, he talked to eager fans about his life experience in the watch industry to activate the atmosphere. He told the story of being sent to New York alone in the late 1950s when he was a 20-year-old hairy guy, carrying only a checkbook and a key note, intending to establish a subsidiary in the United States; To his experience of being forced to abandon company shares during the difficult years of the ‘Quartz Crisis’, and in today’s world you will never be able to replicate what the Heuer brand did.
     ‘Now if you put the words St. Moritz on the watch dial, someone will call you and say,’ I own that name, give me some money. ‘But in our day, we put Silverstone or Montreal on the watch. No one would think about it. At that time in Switzerland, we didn’t have the word ‘marketing.’
    The official timing of the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​is TAG Heuer, so he personally came to Goodwood to celebrate his 80th birthday as the second event of the World Travel Festival. In addition to serving as an important ambassador for the brand’s honorary chairman, Heuer has also been involved in developing and signing a limited edition Carrera Calibre 17 specifically to celebrate his ninth decade in life. This is a very nice watch. ‘Thank you,’ he thanked modestly for any praise. ‘I’m glad to be invited to participate in the design, and I think the results are very satisfying.’
TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 17 model back with Jack Heuer limited edition lettering and a red signature by Jack Heuer himself
    Heuer drew the initial design of the Carrera series in 1963 (seeing that it will be a grand anniversary next year). At that time, he had thought that this series would last for the next 50 years? ‘No, of course not,’ he answered very rationally. ‘How can I think of it?’ Now that Carrera has become the most successful style of TAG Heuer, the way he talks about it shows that this watch has won his favor. As he spoke, he also wore Carrera’s fortieth anniversary limited edition of 1,964, number 1.
    Heuer is very calm in the face of the style evaluations issued during his time as the brand owner. For example, he spends very little time on Silverstone because it doesn’t seem to be as popular as other series. It has never owned ‘Steve McQueen Moment’, an original square case Monaco series of the same door, but it became popular because the idol-level actor wore an appearance in the 1971 movie ‘Le Mans’, although the media previously made it known There are also different opinions on the evaluation.
At the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Mr. Jack Heuer talks with TAG Heuer Ambassador Alain Prost in the media
    I asked him if he wanted to see Autavia (my favorite) return. ‘I also asked them (‘they’ of course refers to the TAG Heuer headquarters chief), but they said that there are too many watches in this series-maybe they are right, so …’ He shrugged and ate A piece of cheese is the time to rest at night.
    He got up and waved goodbye to the crowd, ready to rest. The next day, he will get up early to open a photography session dedicated to the many achievements of TAG Heuer Ambassador Alain Prost in F1.
    Throughout the night, he was impressed by his affableness. In the past he has publicly expressed how painful he was when he was forced to leave the company in the early 1980s, but now it seems that the wounds have healed, even though he may be the last Heuer family member to play an active role in the brand . He is happy to put his name on the watch again; happy to have an outdoor dinner on a fine British midsummer night; happy to be able to participate in everything in front of him.

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