Le Méridien Showcases Its True Personality With Three New Ambassadors

Maurice Lacroix has launched an inspiring, profound and honest brand declaration: ‘Follow your beliefs’. With the appeal of several new ambassadors like Bob Geldof, Jimmy Wales and Justin Rose, Le Méridien encourages people around the world to show their candid personality through media, print, television and the Internet .
As with each of Le Méridien’s exceptionally designed and skilled hand-made movements, the three celebrities were chosen as image ambassadors precisely because they never gave up the spirit of faith on the road to success.
Bob Geldof
格尔 Bob Geldof said: ‘The self-confidence of being frank or sophisticated is unconvincing. You have to prove it with your actions.’ He should have a profound understanding of this. In the past years, Bob has been a music reporter; released a series of best-selling albums with his band The Boomtown Rats; organized two of the world’s most successful African disaster relief charity shows-LiveAid and Live8; created his own TV Production company, became an independent operator and achieved great success. ‘Don’t wait for someone to tell you who you are,’ Bob said.

Justin Rose
Justin Rose is an excellent golf star. He repelled dissidents and joined the professional team at the age of only 17 years old. ‘The decision has been controversial, but I don’t care about it. I only believe in myself.’ This confidence made him successful. In Justin. Rose has won numerous titles in his career and even ranked first in Europe. Today, Justin is recognized as one of the most consistent golfers on the US PGA Tour. Outside of work, he is also a good husband and father, and is actively involved in charity.

Jimmy Wales
The third image ambassador is Jimmy Welsh, a fabulous Internet entrepreneur and founder of Wikipedia. Jimmy said, ‘I had dreamed of a world where all people on the planet could have the knowledge of all humans for free. So I created this world.’ In keeping with his beliefs, Jimmy quickly transformed Wikipedia into A non-profit foundation to ensure that this free encyclopedia can always be free. Today Wikipedia has become one of the five most visited websites on the Internet.
广告 Advertising photos of these three world-class celebrities were taken by internationally renowned photographer Greg Williams. Has been several world-class big names such as Benicio Del Toro, Sean Penn, Daniel Craig and Megan Fox As a photographer, Williams is a charming figure for Le Méridien capturing three image ambassadors-Bob Geldof, Jimmy Wales, and Justin Rose.
In addition to three image ambassadors, Le Méridien also has excellent partners to strengthen its market position. CEO Martin Bachmann concludes: ‘Our image ambassadors have achieved great results without giving up their principles. This is exactly what Le Méridien is passionate about-just as our watches have time and again : Continuous innovation, leading the way. ‘

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