Montblanc Night Flight Series High-performance Travel Leather Goods Series For Urban Walkers

With the faster and faster pace of life, today’s urbanites often shuttle between cities and airports, perhaps because of a business task that needs to be urgently handled, or perhaps a period carefully arranged for the family. Leisure holidays, or a weekend trip with friends, the lifestyle of urban people is quietly changing, and travel leather goods with both fashion and functionality have become an indispensable lifestyle.
Montblanc Night Air Travel Leather Goods

Montblanc Night Flight Suitcase

   The Montblanc Night Flight series came into being, all adhering to the brand’s consistent elegant design, revealing low-key luxury in the details, and perfectly integrating a variety of practical functions, and strive to turn every trip into a wonderful enjoyment- The series includes suitcases, duffel bags, two sizes of briefcases and various small leather goods. Each work fully considers travel needs. With a humanized design, it is easy to place and access air tickets, passports, electronic products, work documents , Portable books, etc. Two briefcases can also be placed on top of the travel trolley case, further enhancing practicality. In addition, each suitcase and duffel bag is equipped with a detachable bag for storing tickets, documents and other items that need to be accessed at any time. The Montblanc Night Air series suitcases are designed with a zipper, and are equipped with three detachable zip pockets and a large external luggage bag. The large volume provides great convenience for travel.

Montblanc Night Flight Suitcase_Detail

   The ultra-high performance of the Montblanc Night Flight series has also been favored by users: the iconic four-wheeled suitcase is made of lightweight and corrosion-resistant lightweight polycarbonate material, and the wheels are smooth and smooth. During check-in, luggage During the check-in, boarding and arrival process, the user experience is pleasant. The soft leather drawbar handle subtly enhances the overall texture of the suitcase in the details, and the height can be adjusted by a simple two-step pressing device.
Montblanc Night Flight Luggage Bag

Montblanc Night Flight Briefcase

   In addition to large leather goods, the Montblanc Night Air series also features small leather goods with rich functions, such as wallets, business card holders, travel wallets, passport covers, tie boxes, luggage tags and folders. companion.

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