Montblanc Timewalker Double Fly Back To Grey Titanium Chronograph

Montblanc’s products often radiate a glimpse and timeless style, which can be seen from the Nicholas Kaiser chronograph family. This creative brand can be compared with other brands. Timewalker series in recent years It also clearly shows the brand’s spirit of the times. Montblanc is going to the next city this year, introducing a new version of Timewalker Shuangfei to return to gray titanium chronograph models.

 The timewalker series’ simple and neat style is based on the modern glass and steel architectural design. The double-sided anti-glare crystal glass has a wide perspective and a simple layout. It is equipped with a narrow bezel and hollow lugs. The minimalist aesthetic brushstrokes are full.

 Last year, the Montblanc TimeWalker Dual Flight Chronograph debuted and caused a reverberation in the altar: Once upon a time, chronograph models equipped with a central chronograph second hand and a minute hand were quite popular. Later, this excellent chronograph variety was stark and silent, which is why Montblanc Bringing the central timing function back to the stage again naturally caused a thousand waves. Last year’s stainless steel version and titanium limited series achieved outstanding results. This year, the brand launched its second limited edition, GreyTech gray titanium model, which combines technical innovation, innovative materials and unique designs, with a limit of 888 pieces.

 In today’s world, TVs, billboards, shop windows, and magazines are all full of colorful decorations to show off. It is even more nostalgic for the past black and white solid color world: black and white movies, black and white photos, although only different shades of black and white, can be seen. Touching emotional charm; for example, the night black or silver-gray tone commonly used by high-end car brands, although the color is ridiculous, it is really appreciated; in the interior design country, metal, glass and black leather furniture design has countless people for decades; The simple color tone makes eyes free from excessive natural or artificial color stimulation, which makes it rare and comfortable. The new GreyTech gray titanium model also has this pure visual beauty.

 Timewalker Shuangfei returns to the gray titanium chronograph with a sense of technology: the silver gray matte titanium case has a satin finish and sandblasting, showing a pleasing texture contrast; the large dial has different shades of gray, and seven display functions Clear distribution: Includes a wide-open gray dial, anthracite hollowed-out hour and minute hands, large Arabic numerals, etc .; a gray movement with the same perspective on the back of the crystal glass. Main key: dark gray rhodium-plated bottom plate parts, with gold gears and blue screws It is in sharp contrast with ruby ​​bearings; technology-based design ideas, sturdy and lightweight case materials and precision micro-mechanical parts are returned one by one, clearly announcing to watch users, even in the era when smart phones are ubiquitous, they have a subtle, low-key aesthetics. And the precise and practical timepiece function is still fearless of the baptism of time, the value is always the same.

 Calibre MB LL100 self-winding chronograph movement, designed, manufactured, fine-tuned and assembled by Montblanc Manufacture in Reno, Switzerland. Montblanc is a leader in writing tools, and it is also second to none in the development of ‘writing time’ chronographs; in recent years, the development momentum of the Montblanc brand has been as strong as ever, and it is logical to embark on the road of developing self-made chronograph movements. The Calibre MB LL100 chronograph movement is equipped with a column wheel timing system and an advanced clutch disc structure, which not only consumes less power, but also improves the power transmission efficiency from the four wheels to the chronograph wheel. The teeth of the transmission gear train are re-improved and calculated, which can also greatly improve the power Delivery efficiency.

 But the most eye-catching is always its timing function: especially after the flyback chronograph is started, the center chronograph second hand and the slightly shorter chronograph minute hand automatically reset to zero instantly, and a new timing program is automatically launched in real time. This is ‘TwinFly’ )origin of name. The 60-second time scale is located at the edge of the dial, the 60-minute timer is located at the center of the dial, the date window is at 9 o’clock, and the second time zone is displayed at 12 o’clock (24-hour format). Another technical feature is the dual barrel Provides a power reserve of nearly 72 hours-its strong power effectively offsets the balance swing error caused by the chronograph function switch, and guarantees the watch’s various functions and the accuracy and stability of the time.

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