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石英 The quartz technology revolution of wristwatches that started in the 1960s did not have a great impact on domestic watches at that time. In the 1960s and 1970s, there were many domestic watch factories, gemstone flowers in Shanghai factory, seagulls in Tianjin factory, Shuangling in Beijing factory, and Huanghe brand watches in Zhengzhou watch factory. Low price and relatively good appearance are the foundation of domestic watch factories. For a time, all kinds of domestic mechanical watches bloomed in full bloom, forming a large and diverse family.
However, in the 1980s, the situation suddenly changed. Under the impact of Japanese and Swiss watches, domestic watchmakers closed down, and many familiar names disappeared overnight.
Investigating its root cause, after all, it is still that domestic watchmaking companies do not have core technology, outdated styles, and cannot adapt to the market. Therefore, in the era of reform and opening up, in the competition with foreign brands, only defeat.
All of a sudden, domestic watches completely disappeared from the market, and the entire domestic watch industry was almost wiped out. But at this time, the seagull provoked the beams of the domestic watchmaking industry and stood up bravely in adversity.
天津 Tianjin Watch Factory, the predecessor of Tianjin Seagull Watch Group, produced China’s first watch on March 24, 1955. The four watchmakers used their dexterous and intelligent hands to end the history that the Chinese could only repair watches, but could not make watches. This first domestic watch named Five-Star Watch was later renamed as “May Day”. brand. In 1973, the Tianjin Watch Factory established the Seagull brand and became China’s number one export watch brand. In 1995, Tianjin Seagull Watch Group was established.
With some domestic watch factories simply assembling the Japanese movement or the Swiss movement, the name is also considered as a separate brand, and the Seagull watch has been making great efforts in innovation. Innovation has brought vitality to the Seagull watch. In 2005, a tourbillon watch with power reserve and calendar display was launched. In September 2006, China’s self-developed dual tourbillon watch was publicly displayed at the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show. In May, the sea-gull mechanical timepiece developed by Seagull came out. In the same year, it launched the time-request mechanical timepiece, which again appeared at the Basel Watch & Jewellery Show, shocking the international watch industry. At the end of this year, the ST25.9 million calendar mechanical watch was also successfully introduced. So far, Seagull has mastered the world’s three major classic watch manufacturing technologies at the same time.
After more than 50 years of hard work, the annual output of seagull movements has reached 5 million. The seagull brand has become a leading company in the manufacturing of mechanical watches and movements in China, and its exports rank first in the watch manufacturing industry in China.
Nowadays, we often see the counters of seagull watches in some large shopping malls in China. With the application of high-end watchmaking technology and affordable prices, the seagull brand is more and more familiar and loved by consumers.
It is precisely because of Seagull’s continuous pursuit of the brand’s core technology that we can use tens of thousands of yuan to buy wristwatches with tourbillon technology that are often sold in Swiss brands for hundreds of thousands of dollars. For lovers, it is undoubtedly a gospel.

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