Parmigiani Jazz Music Week 悠扬 上海

PARMIGIANI officially announced that the 2014 Parmigiani Shanghai Jazz Music Week will be held in major star hotel lounges, jazz bars and outdoor venues in Shanghai from September 22nd to October 4th. Staged. The main venue from October 2nd to October 4th will be located in Shanghai Pudong Riverside Financial Plaza. The invited world-class music masters will present an outdoor jazz concert and sing along the Pujiang River. This is the 10th year that Shanghai Jazz Week has been named in the Asia Pacific region since Parmigiani joined hands with the world-renowned Swiss Montreux Jazz Festival in 2007. In the last two weeks of jazz time, I hope that jazz lovers and watch enthusiasts will listen to the ticking of beautiful musical instruments and high-end watches.

2014 Parmigiani Shanghai Jazz Week announced the meeting of Mr. Xu Yong, the representative of Shanghai World Expo Development Group, Ms. Shan Wei, the chief executive of Parmichnia Pacific Region, Mr. Wu Hui, executive vice president of Shanghai Magic Mountain Advertising & Communication Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Magic Mountain Advertising Biography (left to right)

As a completely independent fine watch brand in Switzerland, Parmigiani has grown from restoring antique clocks and mechanical collections. It was established in the central district of Rival de Travel in 1996 and has developed a complete Independent manufacturing capabilities have become one of the very few 100% independent watchmaking brands in Switzerland today. Learning from previous generation’s creativity and craftsmanship, and integrating into the creation of today’s products, Parmigiani has become a unique watch brand with both classical traditional values ​​and contemporary creativity.
Parmigiani has an inextricable connection with music, especially jazz. Parmigiani has been involved in Switzerland’s most prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival since 2007, allowing music to convey the beauty of culture; by supporting the Montreux Jazz Artist Foundation, he is actively working with the festival organizers to discover new talents Talent, training young talents. This Parmigiani Shanghai Jazz Week is the first time Parmigiani has extended its relationship with music to the Asia-Pacific region and brought it to China, so that more watch lovers and jazz enthusiasts can appreciate the charm of the machine and the sound of music together. wonderful. Tasting Swiss haute horlogerie and appreciation of jazz are two beautiful attitudes to life. The marriage of the two is also a blend of rationality and sensuality. There will be Dee Dee Bridgewater, the contemporary queen of contemporary jazz, the godfather of rock and roll, Cui Jian and the British jazz superstar, pianist. Famous artisans such as Anthony Strong joined the 2014 Parmigiani Jazz Week.

Speech by Ms. Shan Wei, Chief Executive Officer, Parmigiani Pacific, Shanghai Jazz Music Week 2014

‘Since the Montreux Jazz Festival, Parmigiani’s relationship with jazz has extended from Europe to Asia today,’ said Ms. Shan Wei, Chief Executive Officer of Parmigiani Pacific Region. ‘Shanghai Jazz Week is the earliest jazz in China. This week’s cultural event has brought another jazz trend to this modern metropolis for ten years in a row. Parmigiani is holding Shanghai Jazz Music Week this time, and is willing to bring the charm of high-end watches and jazz, and strive to bring beauty to everyone Life experience. ‘

2014 Parmigiani Shanghai Jazz Week will be joined by celebrities such as Dee Dee Bridgewater, contemporary jazz leader, rock godfather Cui Jian and British jazz superstar, pianist Anthony Strong

Just as no style or genre has ever ruled the jazz world for a long time, the tolerance and diversity of jazz music seems to sprout an innovative light from the tradition, shining on the corner of this colorful world; similarly, it originated in antique clocks and machinery The restoration of the collection, Parmigiani continuously draws traditional inspiration from the restoration, and has developed into one of the very few fine watch brands in Switzerland that are completely independent. Because of this, Parmigiani is willing to be with the music lovers to create a public space for artistic expression, and to feel the sound of the golden autumn music in Jazz Music Week.

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