Plum Blossom Classic Watch, Change In Inheritance

Mr. Daniel M. Schluep is the CEO of Plum Watch Factory. He manages the family business on behalf of the third generation of the Schlueps family, and is also an expert in the manufacture of top classic automatic watches.
 Thirty years ago, the pride of being able to own a Swiss plum watch was no less than the flaunting sense brought by LV and Chanel today. The plum watch uses three generations of family traditions, the latest watchmaking technology and excellent watchmaking handwork to meet people’s pursuit of the highest standard of high-quality handmade products from the past.
Unwavering in change
 1919 was a turning year: the First World War was over and people were full of hope for the future; the first international organization of the League of Nations was established in Paris to bring the world to peace; and the Art Deco style created by France was finally Accept, it is increasingly popular not only in the fields of architecture and design, but also in the fields of fashion, painting and printmaking.
 In Switzerland, a small, neutral country at the heart of Europe, the forces of innovation have revived after suffering. Fritz Schluep has established a watchmaking studio in Greenen, on the foothills of the Jurassic Mountains. This highly skilled watchmaker’s design concept of ‘small and exquisite’, combined with the reputation of precision and quality in Switzerland perfectly, has created FELCO watches. The rhythm of the era of continuous modernization and the strength of the company’s founders combined the exquisite technology of the watch factory with the elegance of handicrafts, and the FELCO model was born. It has deeply imprinted the famous Genevan mark in design and mechanical process .
 FELCO takes its reputation for precision and reliability in Swiss timepieces, and even in the economic crisis of the early 1930s, this belief could not be shaken. Fritz Schluep successfully used the difficult sales period and accumulated important experience. FELCO successfully entered the growing watch market with technological innovation and more sophisticated and versatile models.
From FELCO to Titoni plum table
 With outstanding quality and elegant appearance, FELCO has won many praises. During the Second World War, the US Army chose to order stable and accurate timepieces from FELCO. At that time, more than 30,000 FELCO watches were exported to the Americas. This type of moon camera with large date and chronograph was very popular in the early 1940s. After the Second World War, the family-owned company continued to consolidate its market position and opened up a broad market beyond the European and American markets, especially in the Near East, India and China. China has shown great interest in importing top Swiss timepieces, which is exactly what Bruno Schluep meant. He is the son of the company’s founder and the successor of the company owner. During a trip to the Far East, he showed his appreciation of Chinese culture and history. As a small Swiss company, with its extraordinary foresight and luck, it successfully made it the brand name of TITONI Torque Watch, which became famous in this huge country in China. Since then, the plum blossom table represents strength and durability for the Chinese, which is completely consistent with the characteristics of plum blossoms.

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