Plum Blossom Watch Collaborates With Chinese Artists To Launch A Global Limited Watch

TITONI Swiss plum watch, cross-border and German Chinese artist Zhang Qikai, cooperate to release artist watches. On June 18, 2010 (Fri), a limited edition conference was held in the Metaphysics Gallery. The theme of the artist’s watch ‘Return to the Atmosphere No.1’ is to return to the earth in a future way through a cute giant panda in a surreal space, to convey the ecological crisis caused by climate change; Swiss plum watch In particular, this theme is used to express concern for the environment and the planet. Swiss Plum Watch also said that every time a watch is sold, it will adopt the tree planting plan of the Times Culture and Education Foundation to lovingly adopt a sapling in the name of the customer, respond to the green life and love the earth, and fulfill its corporate social responsibility. During the press conference, Zhang Qikai explained that ‘Return to the Atmosphere No.1’ intends to convey the philosophy of humanity and time and space; and shared the concept of cross-border cooperation with the Swiss plum watch. In addition, Professor Ye Xincheng, the director of the Institute of Environmental Education of the National Taiwan Normal University and an authoritative expert in the field of environmental conservation, is invited to let everyone know more about the impact of climate change caused by global warming. The meeting also specially invited Janet Xie Yifen, the well-known host of “Crazy Taiwan”, to be the Ambassador of Environmental Protection and Carbon Reduction of Swiss Plum Watch, and the general manager of Swiss Plum Watch, Mr. Yan Tingpeng, and the artist Zhang Qikai, in a tree planting ceremony, called on everyone to face the ecological crisis and use practical actions Protect the environment in which you and I live. At the same time, from June 19 (Sat.) 2010 to June 30 (Wed.) 2010, there will be a total of 9 pieces of Zhang Qikai’s panda-themed paintings from 2005 to 2010-‘Mr. Panda’s Magical Time and Space’. Swiss plum watch and Chinese contemporary art cross-border cooperation
     Daniel Schluep, President of Swiss Plum Watch Co., Ltd., fell in love at first sight and was deeply touched when he saw Zhang Qikai’s panda paintings for the first time. The cute, tame, and peaceful image of giant pandas can even arouse the public’s endangerment Concerns about animal ecology. So Daniel Shlopp decided to have a unique collaboration with Zhang Qikai; using subtle ideas and techniques, he combined the theme of ‘Return to the Atmosphere No. 1’ oil painting on the superb watchmaking process and design dial. Daniel Shrop said, ‘I have always loved art, and Mr. Zhang Qikai’s works reflected the love of giant pandas and the discussion of the theme of time and space, which deeply touched my heart.’ And for Zhang Qikai, this time with The cooperation of Swiss plum watch international watch brand is an excellent opportunity to promote Chinese art and promote exchanges.

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