Qi Ruo Lan Blue Comment On Longines Compaq Watches

Similar to beauty, elegance will also give people a beautiful visual experience. The difference is that beauty is a gift from heaven, and elegance sprouts from the cultivation of culture and art, and from the inside out Emitted and have an external impact. Elegance is also the tireless pursuit of countless brands in their works. Many different brands interpret different elegance with their own brand culture. However, when it comes to elegance, there must be a brand that is essential, that is Longines. Today, the Watch House brings you a watch from the Longines Compaq series, reference model: L2.

Longines Compaq watches adhere to traditional watchmaking craftsmanship, combining tradition, elegance and function, and the design perfectly integrates modern and timeless style.

Although the diameter of the case is only 29.50 mm, the overall design of this watch is delicate and exquisite, but it does not give a slim and easy-to-fold feeling. The stainless steel case with the black dial exudes a sense of demureness. Temperament.

The sapphire crystal glass is multi-layered with anti-glare treatment, which can still display even under the light. Two silver-plated polished sword-shaped hands are filled with Super-LumiNova® luminous material for reading at night or in a dark environment. Time.

The simple crown continues the classic design of the Compaq series. Under the crown, the crown is engraved with a Longines “Hourglass Flying Wing” badge. As a symbol of the brand’s extraordinary quality, there is a circle of grooves under the crown. Pull out the crown at the correct time.

The ‘H’ -shaped satin-finished stainless steel strap is interspersed with matte-polished stainless steel connecting pieces, which shines a dazzling metallic luster while creating a delicate and rich layering.

The stainless steel case is beautifully polished and satin-finished, shining brilliantly, with the right thickness and smooth and round perfect lines, showing the delicate and elegant quality of Longines.

The simple and thin butterfly double button buckle fits the wrist while not destroying the overall beauty of the strap. After buckling, you can see the Longines logo and the ‘winged hourglass’ emblem, showing the elegant brand confidence.

The arc of the lugs is round and smooth, fits the wrist, and joins naturally with the strap. The details show the extraordinary quality.

The 12 delicate diamonds on the dial are used as scales, and the overall layout contains a subtle and luxurious sense in a simple and low-key.

The three o’clock position of the dial is equipped with a date display function and replaces the three o’clock scale. The black text on the white background is clear and the size is the same. The 12 o’clock position is printed with the Longines brand logo and the ‘hourglass flying wing’ logo.

The water-resistant depth of this watch is 5 bar (about 50 meters), which is completely different from the simple and low-key appearance of the watch. Through the sapphire crystal glass in the center of the case back, the exquisite high-end Swiss movement can be seen at a glance. Equipped with an L595.2 self-winding mechanical movement with a vibration frequency of 28,800 times / hour, it can provide a power reserve of about 40 hours.

Summary: Nowadays, with the development of society, more and more modern intellectual women have also taken the idea of ​​using watches only as accessories and began to appreciate the beauty of precision mechanical watches. The overall appearance of this watch is simple and pure, exquisite and delicate, but also reveals a bit of toughness. While maintaining Longines’ endless pursuit of elegance, it also shows the independent and strong side of modern women. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

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