Romantic Tanabata Yi Yi Qing Qing Enchantment In Switzerland

On July 26, 2014, Ernest Borel of Switzerland held a new series launch event of ‘Romantic Tanabata, Yijian Qingxin’ retro series couple watches in Quanzhou, Fujian. After 158 years of experience in Switzerland, he started a romantic tour in Quanzhou, a well-known international garden city at home and abroad. Mr. Su Da, Chairman and Executive Director of Swiss Ebolus Watch, and Mr. Lin Feng, the spokesperson for the brand’s Asia-Pacific region, attended the event and unveiled the new launch of the Ebolus Retro Series Couple Automatic Watch.
Mr. Su Da (Left), Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific, Switzerland, and Mr. Lin Feng (center), the spokesperson for the Asian brand, and Mr. Chen Chuibao, Chairman of Fujian Siji Tianbao Watch Co., Ltd.
   Founded in 1856, the Swiss Ebolo watch has a long history, and enjoys a good reputation in the field of watches and clocks with its profound cultural heritage and excellence. For more than 150 years, Swiss Ebolo has always adopted the brand concept of ‘romantic moments and lifelong companions’. Adhering to the romantic and elegant mechanical aesthetics, its products are constantly improving, and its services are improving day by day. A classic watch collection.
Mr. Lin Feng, the brand ambassador of Swiss Ebolu Asia, signed a signature on the brand image

   This time, Switzerland’s Yibo Road Watch romantic Quanzhou, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day, brought this most unique retro series of automatic couple watches to this historical and cultural city in the mountains and the sea. ‘The double heads of Wusong Bridge are opened, and the river crosses every year.’ The Cowherd and the Weaver Girls meet together to make the love story of eternal love. The Swiss Ebolo watch is undoubtedly the icing on the cake for this romantic festival. As Mr. Su Da, Chairman and Executive Director of Swiss Ebolu said, “Since Swiss Ebolu first entered China in 1903, Ebolu has been associated with China for more than 100 years, during which Ebolu witnessed The romantic moments of countless couples also hope to use this Quanzhou event to pass the romantic and elegant attitude of life in Switzerland to the consumers. ‘
Mr. Su Da, Chief Executive Officer of Asia Pacific, Switzerland, presents retro couple watches to Mr. Lin Feng

   In Quanzhou in July, the sun is hot, and the occasional breeze blows away instantly. The launch of the new series of retro watches for romantic couples on the ‘Romantic Tanabata and Yijian Devotion’ of the Swiss Ebola watch grandly opened in the romantic and elegant modern dance for two, and the dancing dance brought an extraordinary audiovisual feast to the audience. As the guest of the event, the appearance of Mr. Lin Feng, the spokesperson for the brand’s Asia-Pacific region, attracted a lot of attention and also pushed the event to a climax. As a well-known artist in the Asia-Pacific region, the popular Lin Feng is a popular idol in the hearts of millions of fans, and is also a spokesperson of elegance and romance. Mr. Su Da and Mr. Lin Feng jointly unveiled the launch of their vintage series of couple watches, and presented the vintage series watches with great retro charm, ingenuity and superb watchmaking skills to Mr. Lin Feng. Mr. Lin Feng also said: ‘Yibolu is a famous Swiss watch brand with a long history of 158 years and profound cultural heritage. It is a brand that can evoke people’s deep desire and longing for a beautiful and romantic life. It is a trustworthy brand . ‘
   After the event, Mr. Lin Feng went to the Swiss Ebol Road Watch exhibition area to sign and commemorate and interact with the fans. The atmosphere was warm. This event allowed people to experience the brand charm of the Swiss “Iro Road” “Romantic Moments, Lifetime Together” at a close distance. It was moved by the excellent quality and unremitting pursuit of the 100-year tradition of EBO, as Mr. Su Da said. : ‘Since its establishment in 1856, Swiss Ebolo watches have been committed to spreading romantic feelings and noble and elegant living tastes to all corners of the world.’ I believe Swiss Ebolo watches will continue to ride the waves in the future development and write the legend of the watch era!

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