Swatch And Tobias Rehberger Build A Bridge Between Art And Design Through The ’24 Stops’ Trail-and Prove That Boundaries Often Exist Only In People’s Heads

From June 12, 2016, under the auspices of Swatch, a new walkway connecting the Beyeler Foundation in Basel, Switzerland, and the Vitra Design Park in Weil am Rhein, Germany will become an art booth . The 5 kilometer-long walk across the border will be marked by 24 sculptures by the famous German artist Tobias Rehberger. In addition to providing basic guidance functions, these colorful and distinctive ‘signposts’ are also thought-provoking and fully reflect the combination of form and function. From street art to art on the wrist, this is another remarkable milestone in Swatch’s history of funding borderless arts around the world. To appreciate the interaction of art, design and nature, people need to have an open mind regardless of their age. Just as the trail is not an absolute straight line, the Swatch artist watch inspired by it firmly holds time in its own hands. Tobias Rehberger’s watch ‘Cuckoo’ (SUOZ238S) proves the credo of the project-the limitations of time and space are often just the product of imagination.

Path is goal
   Tobias Rehberger is a versatile interdisciplinary artist who excels at freely switching between art and design genres. Functionality is the starting point for his creation of ’24 Stops’. He explained, ‘The first step is to determine which points on the trail require signposts.’ Each of the 24 sculptures explores a different form and function ratio. The hanging birdhouse extracts the fun from the function, because the guests who ‘fly in’ are almost impossible to appear in reality, but it is absolutely possible in imagination. This versatile artist gives rich objects and personalities to functional objects such as trash cans and binoculars, making them both useful and pleasing to the eye. Interaction and inclusiveness are the first principles of a masterpiece of up to 5 kilometers in length. It invites people of all ages and professions to enjoy this unique work composed of sculpture, color and scenery at their own pace.

Design and retail echo the ‘Cuckoo’ theme
   Swatch has been active in the arts for a long time. As a partner of the ’24 Stop’ project, Swatch proudly presents the artist’s special watches and their special packaging, showing Tobias Rehberger’s extraordinary artistic creativity. This watch, called the Cuckoo, has two hands of the same size, allowing the wearer to make his own judgments in two timing options. This design interest reflects the control of time, echoing the theme of borderless cross-border trails. The artist’s special watch is a limited edition, with 4,962 pieces distributed worldwide. The entire art runway has a total length of 4962 meters, and each watch represents 1 meter. The chic package will play the song of ‘Cuckoo’ when opened, further emphasizing the design theme of the watch. From June 12th to 22nd, 2016, this watch will be sold exclusively at the temporary 25th stop of the Art Runway (25th stop, and will be sold in Swatch stores worldwide.

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