The Jaguar Is Almost Synonymous With It Cartier Cartier Double Head Panther Watch

In 1914, the jaguar spot pattern first appeared in the Cartier brand. Then, Cartier used the puma’s charming and changeable characteristics to make the wearer show thousands of styles. Rigid and soft, noble and elegant, gorgeous and wild shape, expresses the unique posture of the puma, and has become an important classic symbol of Cartier.

The jaguar spot pattern first appeared in the Cartier brand in 1914. Since then, the brand has continuously tried to apply the Jaguar totem to its works, becoming an important classic icon of Cartier.

Capture every look of the leopard from the design sketch, whether it is galloping, roaring, jumping, upright, or its supreme style, all on the paper, including realistic three-dimensional modeling and abstract marking , The classic leopard jewelry was born.

Cartier will host the Panthère de Cartier Jaguar Jewellery and Watch Show from August 29th to September 1st. At that time, more than 100 works will be assembled on the site, including the brand’s newly launched Rencontre de Panthère double headed watch

Today, in 2018, the jaguar makes a stunning appearance again, showing its modern style. Cartier specially held the Panthère de Cartier Jaguar Jewelry and Watch Show from August 29th to September 1st. VIPs will be invited to attend. More than a hundred works will be displayed on the site, showing the variety of jaguar and the exquisite and exclusive ‘fur inlay’ technology of Cartier jewelry making technology. Polished sapphire and other technologies will enrich the face of jewellery craftsmanship and give unlimited creative inspiration. A history of more than 100 years will be written down.

The automatic dial on the faceplate of the double-headed leopard watch is surrounded by two leopards, competing for the same diamond ring on their mouths, exerting the wonderful effect of jewelry craftsmanship.

Rencontre de Panthère watch
Cartier continues to explore the possibility of complex craftsmanship for women’s watches, bringing the traditional hidden movement to the faceplate, presenting it to the viewer. The automatic plate on the face plate is surrounded by two leopards, and they compete for the same drill ring on their mouths. The automatic dial winds up the barrel by swinging the wrist, which drives the movement of the watch. Aesthetic craftsmanship and technical functions are integrated on a display panel with both style and refinement.
The two jaguars met with their eyes crossed, their swords stretched out, forming a stalemate. Cartier, under the limitations of watchmaking technology, exerts the wonderful effect of jewelry craftsmanship. The watch is equipped with Cartier 9603 MC refined automatic winding mechanical movement, the case is set with round brilliant-cut diamonds, marquise-cut emerald eyes, black lacquered leopard pattern, mother-of-pearl dial, rhodium-plated stainless steel and black Two-tone stainless steel hands. Semi-matte black alligator leather strap with approximately 48 hours power reserve.

Rencontre de Panthère watch

18K white gold material / 9603 MC self-winding movement / hour and minute display / mother-of-pearl dial / diamond setting, emerald, black lacquer / sapphire crystal / reference price: about 1,370,000 RMB

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