Tribute To Switzerland! Blancpain’s ‘master Of Arts’ Studio Creates Extraordinary Craft Watches

Blancpain’s ‘Master of Arts’ studio created a brand-new orphan watch. The metal engraving combined with the copper craftsmanship treasured by Blancpain vividly showed a Swiss landmark in front of Matterhorn. The shocking picture of the decisive struggle king.

Villeret Classic Series Item No .: 661-236-55B
   Since 1861, the cattle from Val d’ Hérens have been a big national heritage in Switzerland; their ancestors lived in the Valais region as early as 3000 BC. They have strong physiques and strong, short legs, so they can climb up to 3,000 meters. However, it is not this that makes them most famous, but the fierce duel that has been traditionally performed in the spring each year, in order to decide the supreme ‘king’ and lead the cattle to the pastures of the Alps. At that time, their combative nature will be fully released, and they will fight against each other to gain their own rank in the population. If one of the parties makes a U-turn and retreats or ceases fighting, it is a sign of submission and the winner is born. In the end, after round after round of duel, the Supreme King dominated. Only the head cows who have achieved the ‘throne’ are eligible to lead the tribe in search of lush meadows. In this watch, in addition to the shocking ‘Double Cow Fighting King’ pattern, Blancpain also added another large Swiss landmark symbol on the dial: the famous Matterhorn. At 4,478 meters above sea level, Matterhorn looks like a pyramid. It is the most famous peak in Switzerland and a dream conquest place for mountaineers around the world.

Red copper process and green ash solution passivation process
   Red copper is an alloy mainly composed of copper and gold. Historically, red copper has been used to decorate utensils such as scabbards, decorations and jewelry. Craftsmen skilled in red copper technology often create carvings on their works and add other decorative techniques. The ‘Dual Bull Fighting King’ pattern on the dial of the new watch is first made of red gold and then fixed on the red copper craft dial by miniature feet. Then, they are put together into a copper salt solution for passivation treatment, so that the surface of the alloy shows a rich green-gray color. Different soaking treatments and soaking times will bring different color shades and intensity. The nuances and depth control of the passivation process test the sculptor’s eyesight and aesthetic sensitivity. The Blancpain logo and Matterhorn on the dial are hand-engraved on the red copper craft dial by Blancpain sculptors using extremely fine tools.
   The collars on the cow’s neck are made of gold, and they are set in red gold using a Damascus gold setting process. To complete this process, first carefully sculpt the groove on the carved cow body, then insert the soft metal (here, gold) into the groove, and then hammer the soft metal into place with the slightest precision , So that it spreads evenly, and is perfectly joined with the red and gold bull body, and finally it is manually embossed on it.

Internal movement
   The new Blancpain ‘Master of Arts’ craft watch combines superb technology with extraordinary craftsmanship. The watch is equipped with a 42 mm case and is equipped with a manually wound 13R3A movement. The power reserve indicator of the watch is located on the splint on the back of the movement, through the sapphire crystal case back. The movement has a power reserve of up to 8 days, thanks to its three main barrels connected in series, which in turn release power. When the power of the first barrel is exhausted, the second barrel will automatically continue to connect, and the third barrel will be the same. Therefore, this tandem design ensures the movement accuracy of the movement.

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