Unconventional Watch, Let You See The Poetic Time

Aeternitas Top Tourbillon Series

Aeternitas’ top tourbillon watch collection
CkFranck Muller is a legend. He not only established the brand’s advanced position in complex performance watches, but also quickly established his own fashion status with bold retro barrels and square bodies, exaggerated digital dials. Franck Muller’s latest Aeternitas top tourbillon watch series launched in China (required for order) shakes the table when it debuted in 2006. Aeternitas stands for ‘eternal’ in Greek, and Franck’s confidence can be seen.
At present, most of the tourbillon movements are manual-winding movements, automatic winding-type tourbillon movements are rare, and there are even fewer flying tourbillon movements equipped with miniature rotors. Aeternitas is a flying tourbillon movement using a platinum micro-rotor. Due to the movement of the tourbillon itself, the kinetic energy consumption of the watch is more severe than that of ordinary watches. The automatic winding mechanism can not only ensure the endless output power of the watch, but also the weight of the platinum miniature oscillating weight is more than ordinary. The miniature rotor is heavy and can provide a larger force distance than the miniature rotor of ordinary materials to achieve a more prominent winding effect. With a dual barrel, it can ensure up to 8 days of kinetic energy. As far as aesthetics are concerned, you can see from the transparent bottom cover that the movement cleverly puts the pendulum at the six o’clock position, echoing the tourbillon device which is also located at the six o’clock position of the faceplate, which looks balanced and balanced. And this design makes you appreciate Franck Muller’s own statement: ‘Master Of Complications’ really means.
Hour, minute syringe

Toxic (Concept5)
This watch, named ‘Toxic’, consists of two small visible pipes, with the hours displayed on the top and the minutes indicated on the bottom. There are a set of cylinders in the two small pipes, which will ‘shrink’ with the passage of time. When the entire cylinder has contracted, they will ‘rotate’ and start from scratch. This design of Virtualideas brings you a brand new, simple time experience.
Time is not flowing, but sliding

Pink Panther Concept
指针 Your watch hands go round and round, telling you that the time is passing, this ‘Pink Panther’ Pink Panther concept watch hopes to show a new way of time flow: from circle flow to slide left and right. It is made of rose gold and is set with a baguette of diamonds. The time is indicated by 2 round diamonds. They slide in two parallel lines. The upper line looks at the hour and the lower line looks at the minute.
Music rhythm

接近 The shape of this watch close to square (50mm, 45 mm) is more resolute. Its time indication is divided into left and right zones, with hours on the left and minutes on the right. Previously, the Italian Carlo Ferrara watch brand also produced watches of the same structure. Now this one also makes you feel that time has a musical rhythm.

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