Sturdy Masculine Tasting Admiral Kunlun Cup Series Day And Night Display Watch

In 1960, the first Admiral’s Cup model brought a successful precursor to the Kunlun watch. This model not only has a long history, but also has an inextricable bond with major sailing competitions and prestigious sailors. The design of geometric figures not only has unparalleled aesthetic value, but also is full of vitality and masculine personality, which also gives people a solid and reliable feeling. Today’s Watch House brings you an Admiral’s Cup series day and night time watch. The official model is: 171.951.95 / 0061 AK12.

   Since its appearance in 1960, it has been interpreting the essence and personality of the Kunlun brand with a dynamic and dynamic style. It is equipped with a twelve-sided arched case, the dial is decorated with twelve nautical flags, and the case back is embossed with the Admiral’s Cup trophy, which has extraordinary charm.

   The watch has the functions of date display, dual time and day and night display. The center of the dial is equipped with a world map centered on the North Pole, a 24-hour time zone grid line decorated with Geneva stripes, and a circle printed with a white triangle logo The shape of a transparent rotating disk clearly shows the time zones around the world and the day and night conditions of the place.

Admiral’s Cup Series
   This new Admiral Cup Challenger 48 series is Kunlun’s first timepiece with world map and day and night display functions, and retains the classic 12-sided case and triangular navigation flag time series design , Limited edition of 150 pieces.

Exquisite crown
   The sides of the watch are tough and equipped with a titanium crown. The crown is decorated with pits and the Kunlun logo on the top. It is not only exquisite and beautiful, but also convenient for the function adjustment of the watch.

Black belt
   The watch is equipped with a black belt with the word CORUM engraved on the back of the watch and rubberized. It is matched with a grade 5 titanium pin buckle for easy wearing.

Titanium case
   The watch has a diameter of 48 mm and the case is made of grade 5 titanium. The geometry of the dodecagon is strong and masculine.

Geometric dial

Date display

Map in the center of the dial

   The gray dial of the watch is equipped with a hollow crown-like hour and minute hands, and the front of the hands is coated with a luminous coating; the end of the second hand is set with the CORUM key logo; the calendar window is set at 3 o’clock. The center of the dial is equipped with a world map centered on the North Pole and a 24-hour time zone grid. A circular transparent rotating plate with white triangle marks can display the time zones around the world and the day and night of the place. When the white triangle mark is adjusted to the standard time, the area displayed by the fully transparent half of the rotary disk is daylight, and the area represented by the gray half of the rotary disk is night.

Tough lugs

   The watch’s lugs are integrated with the case. The lugs have a geometric three-dimensional shape, with sharp edges and corners, but not sharp. The shape is tough.

Pin buckle

   The watch uses a pin buckle made of titanium, and the buckle is engraved with Kunlun’s English name and key logo.

Back to the bottom
   The watch is equipped with a CO 171 self-winding mechanical movement with a movement size of 16 1/2 1/2 minutes, a frequency of 28,800 vibrations / hour, 24 rubies, and a rotor with the CORUM logo. Provides a 46-hour power reserve for the watch.

Summary: With the brand’s own long history and superb watchmaking skills, the Admiral Kunlun Cup series watches continue to innovate and create this outstanding Kunlun timepiece. This new world day / night display watch has a masculine and tough shape, unparalleled aesthetic value, and is naturally charming. The output of 150 watches has a good collection value.

Fashion Watches Are Not As Serious As Traditional Professional Watches? But Liu Shishi And Li Yuchun Just Love It

For women, fashion watches always occupy a place. Cheaper than traditional watches by more than half the price, fashionable and rich designs to meet the changing styles. Even if it is not at the same level as the top professional watches in terms of function, which beautiful women would totally reject fashion watches? In particular, the female stars who are willing to use the airport as a show, everyone must have a fashion watch to deal with different styles. Liu Shishi, Song Jia, Song Qian, and Dili Reba have all found the one that they belong to. I wonder if there is your Style among them.

Song Jia’s smart white shirt and jeans, with Tiffany East West watch

Song Jia wears Tiffany East West watch

Xi Mengyao’s athletic girly style is embellished with Tiffany Blue East West

Xi Mengyao wearing Tiffany East West watch

   Tiffany’s East West watch will magnify the design of the circle watch infinitely. It not only integrates the practical functionality of the watch, but also targets the female group who loves unique styles. Song Jia, who is quite influential in the fashion industry, and Xun Mengyao, an artist who has slowly transformed from a Victoria’s Secret supermodel, are all fancy about this fashion watch. Simple and capable white shirts and sporty dresses are perfectly matched to this watch. And its movement and components are also made in Switzerland, so it seems that this Tiffany East West is cost-effective and has the design sense pursued by fashion watches.

Li Yuchun wears Gucci G-CLASS series

Li Yuchun wears Gucci G-CLASS series

Li Yuchun wears Gucci Le Marche des Merveilles

Li Yuchun wears Gucci Le Marche des Merveilles

Li Yuchun wears Gucci Le Marche des Merveilles

   As the spokesperson of Gucci’s image, Li Yuchun’s wrist is naturally in full charge of Gucci watches. And let’s not say, Li Yuchun’s refreshing, atmospheric, and Gucci’s colorful and complicated fashion, watches can really be integrated into one. Li Yuchun can control the flamboyant and exaggerated styles on the show. Not to mention those fashion watches that would look ‘irregular’ compared to traditional classic watches. With honey embroidery, or sapphire dials of red and clear blue, it may be difficult for ordinary people to fall in love, but as long as Li Yuchun is an accessory, the picture is reasonable.

Liu Shishi wears Chanel J12 watch, picture from ‘Red Show Grazia’

Liu Shishi wearing Chanel J12 watch

Liu Shishi wears Chanel J12 watch, picture from ‘Red Show Grazia’

Liu Shishi wearing Chanel J12 watch

Song Qian wearing Chanel J12 watch

Song Qian wearing Chanel J12 watch
Xi Mengyao wearing Chanel J12 watch

Xi Mengyao wearing Chanel J12 watch

   To say that the ‘big sister’ in the fashion watch industry, Chanel, who often brushes the sense of presence in the hands of female stars, must be known and unknown. In particular, the J12 series has attracted much attention with its high-tech precision ceramics since its birth in 2000. Although it is classified as a fashion watch, it is not inferior to the traditional watch in terms of watchmaking technology. And for women who like to go simple and simple, and pursue elegance and purity, its temperament is just the opposite. So like Liu Shishi and Song Qian, they are always willing to leave J12 on their wrists.

Huo Siyan Dai Diao VIII Grand Bal watch

Huo Siyan Dai Diao VIII Grand Bal watch

   Dior’s fashion and perfume are always easy to stimulate women’s passion. In contrast, its high-end watches are less provocative. For domestic female celebrities wearing Dior watches, I currently see Huo Siyan. She wore a Dior VIII Grand Bal watch, inspired by the skirts in the brand’s fashion design. The watch is exquisitely detailed, and I believe that fans of Dior should have some interest in this gorgeous style.

Cuore Ferragamo heart watch

Cuore Ferragamo heart watch

   The Cuore Ferragamo watch series worn by Dili Reba is more suitable for delicate women. Because this fashion watch puts all efforts on the heart-shaped device of the dial. The heart-shaped device can be turned on by pressing the crown’s 2-point position button, which is interesting and elegant.

   Everyone has different personalities and preferences must be different. The fashion watches chosen by the female stars may be unsatisfactory or not fully meet your needs. May wish to leave a message and share your favorite fashion watch.

Eddie Redmeni Attends The Omega Los Angeles Exclusive Dinner

Omega (OMEGA) celebrates the grand launch of the world’s first chronometer in the ‘cradle of stars’ in Los Angeles.

   March 1, 2016-Eddie Redmayne, the best Oscar actor and ambassador for the last Oscar, appeared at Mack Sennett Studios to celebrate Omega products with the guests The grand release of the timepiece ‘Constellation Zunba Watch’.
   The advent of the Omega Constellation series Zumba watch not only wrote a glorious moment in the brand’s development history, but also marked a new era of watchmaking technology that Omega opened after a long challenge.
   The test standard for the Astronomical Observatory is set by the absolutely independent Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), which is extremely demanding. Each watch that is certified must pass eight precision tests within ten days. Constellation Zunba is the world’s first Omega watch to pass this test certification.

   British actor Eddie Redmeni has long been known around the world for his bold role modeling and classic fashion sense. He himself is not only a loyal fan of the Omega Constellation series, but also has a deep love for the brand’s deep Swiss watchmaking tradition and spirit. On the day of the event, Eddie wore an elegant appearance of the Omega Constellation series Zumba watch, and generously shared his history of cooperation with Omega and his love for extraordinary timepieces: ‘The accumulation of history has made traditional watches more romantic I feel the sincerity and sincerity of the brand. I appreciate the brand tradition of Omega. Whether it is a watch designed for the Air Force or the first watch to land on the moon, there is an inspirational story behind it. I think Omega Brand story is unparalleled. ‘
   Eddie also said that Omega’s classic style makes him more comfortable in the public, ‘As actors, we need to attend many events and often appear on the red carpet. Omega watches are classic and modern, and wearing it makes me feel Very confident. It’s all very natural and I don’t have to worry about it at all. ‘
   The atmosphere at the scene was extremely enthusiastic, and guests could not only get in touch with the best actor of the Oscars, but also enjoy a close-up view of the Omega Constellation watch on display. Through live demonstrations by Omega watchmakers, guests can further experience the superior antimagnetic performance and precise charm of Zunba watches.

   Omega Global President Stephen Urquhart praised the young, intelligent and cultivated brand celebrity ambassador on the scene, ‘I am very glad that Eddie can join us today. He is a very sincere person, which is very beautiful . ‘
   This exclusive dinner was not only to celebrate the grand launch of the world’s first Astronomical Observatory watch, but also the beginning of Omega’s glorious presentation of its Constellation series Zunba watch. At present, many of Omega’s watch series have received rigorous certification by METAS. In the future, Omega will continue to introduce more timepieces that lead to a new quality standard in the watchmaking industry.

Rolex And Omega ‘hit Their Faces’ …

It is not too late to get to the topic. Rolex and Omega are a pair of ‘rivals’, each of which is famous for each other. Rolex has a water ghost, Omega has a hippocampus; Rolex has Daytona, Omega has a superpower; Rolex has DD, and Omega has a constellation. Rolex and Omega are incompatible. Until one day, Rolex and Omega also ‘hit their faces.’ ‘Crashing’ is the enamel watch of Rolex and Omega. The dial of the Rolex watch is exactly the same as the dial of the Omega watch. Yes, except the ‘crown’ and ‘resistance’ on the disk are different, everything else is the same.
   This is the case. In history, since both Rolex and Omega had ordered dials from the same enamel artist, there was a case of ‘hitting the face’ on the dials of Rolex and Omega watches. The enamel artist painted the same patterns for both Omega and Rolex. Coincidentally, both Rolex enamel watches and Omega enamel watches with the same pattern were taken to the auction house for auction. The same pattern, different brands, the results are completely different.

Rolex Poseidon enamel watch (top) and Omega Poseidon enamel watch (bottom), we can see that the two watches are the same.
   The enamel watches with the same pattern are Rolex 8382 and Omega 2767-6 SC. Both watches are patterned by enamel artist Nelly Richard (sold by Stern). The dials of the two watches are painted with a filigree enamel and a seahorse motif. The pattern is taken from Greek mythology. The sea god on the pattern is Neptune in Greek mythology. He holds a trident and controls two sea horses. He is the protector of sea sailors, protects them from storms at sea and blesses them to catch enough fish to return. It is very interesting that when Nelly Richard painted the same filigree enamel dial for Rolex and Omega, the price charged was different. It is understood that Nelly Richard, the Omega’s Poseidon dial, charged 86 Swiss francs (finally Stern sold it to Omega at 155 Swiss francs). This omega filigree enamel dial was the most expensive because it was charged to the Rolex dial. For 68 Swiss francs, Patek Philippe’s dial was charged 60 Swiss francs. Nelly Richard worked for Stern from the 1940s to the 1950s, and unfortunately, the jealous and talented man died at a young age.

Rolex Eurasian enamel watch detail.
   The two watches were auctioned at different auction companies. Rolex was filmed at Riche, Omega was filmed at Antigoron. Rolex’s valuation was 300,000 to 600,000 Swiss francs, which was finally sold at 394,000 Swiss francs, about 2.76 million yuan; Omega’s valuation was 25,000 to 45,000 Swiss francs, and finally sold at 97,350 Swiss francs Out, about RMB 680,000.

Omega Poseidon enamel watch detail.
   The transaction prices of both watches are relatively high, but Rolex is obviously higher. On the one hand, I think that Rolex produces less on enamel watches than Omega. Another important reason is that this Rolex was produced in about 1953. There is an ‘unusual’ 37 mm caliber. The same pattern of Omega produced in 1952, the size of the mainstream 34 mm at the time. 36mm is a watershed. Men’s watches of 36mm and above can now be shot. Some performances below 36 can’t be shot (see personal preference). Of course, the different results of Omega and Rolex also reflect the different levels of acceptance of Rolex and Omega.
   Since the number of Rolex and Omega enamel watches is relatively small, at the end, I will show you a few more Rolex and Omega history enamel watches.
First is Omega:

Then Rolex:

   the above.

A Panerai Antique Watch Equipped With A Rolex Movement Was Sold For 1.73 Million Yuan.

On January 23, 2019, the Artcurial auction house photographed an extremely rare Panerai Radiomir ‘TypeA’ Ref.6152 watch (No. 116) at the Monaco Yacht Club. The watch was originally owned by Rear Admiral AmedeoVesco who participated in the MASFlotilla commando during World War II. It was valued at 80,000 to 120,000 euros before the auction, and the final transaction price reached 226,000 euros (about 1.73 million yuan).

   This watch has a 47 mm diameter steel pincushion case with a screw-down winding crown and case back. The black dial is decorated with Arabic numerals, stick hour markers and fluorescent hands, and engraved with ‘RADIOMIRPANERAI’. Built-in Rolex movement, this movement contains 15 gems and is retouched in Geneva.

   In the early 1950s, Ref. 6152 replaced the legendary Ref. 3646. Regardless of its provenance, technical and aesthetic characteristics, Ref. 6152 has historical significance in all aspects, and is therefore welcomed by many collectors. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Athens ‘hms Caesar’ Gilt Enamel Painted Watch

The colors are bright and pure, and the picture is dynamic and proportioned. Athens’s skill in enamel is extraordinary. Self-winding U N-8 1 5 movement, certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), white gold case, 40 mm diameter, enamel-painted HMS Caesar dial, alligator strap, water-resistant to 50 meters, limited to 30 pieces worldwide

Reference price: 331200 yuan
Enamel watch

    In recent years, enamel watches have gradually entered an ascending channel, with increasingly rich varieties and increasing numbers (both domestic brands and Swiss brands are doing), but the price has always remained firm, so it has also involved many topics such as appreciation, investment, and collection. In fact, to ask why the enamel watch is so attractive and so unattainable, it is nothing more than two words, one is ‘fine’ and the other is ‘rare’. This is also the commonality of all artworks and luxury goods, but This is particularly true on enamel watches. As one of the decorative arts of watches, enamel crafts are various handicrafts combined with practicality and appreciation value made by fine art techniques. They are both material products and have different levels of spiritual aesthetics. As a material product, it reflects the material production and technological development level of a certain era and society; as a spiritual product, its visual image (modeling, color, decoration) reflects the aesthetics of a certain era.
    Watches appear in the ‘Ten Beauty’ recommendation are basically collection-level watches. Note that the collection level refers to a table with complex functions, luxurious materials, scarce production, and memorable meaning, but it may not necessarily be a watch with potential for appreciation. Now many people mention watches, not to mention what functional styles they like, but to ask what kind of watch can appreciate and maintain value, it seems that buying a watch is not for consumption, but for investment. Some foreign media commented that our Chinese are: Can’t even be happy, but still want to pursue happiness? For those who have the money to afford a ‘ten beauty’ watch, happiness is actually very simple, provided that the idea is not too complicated.

Gp Girard Perregaux La Esmeralda Golden Bridge Tourbillon Changed To Platinum Before Setting Off. Unique Design Thought It Was A Bracelet

In 2016, on the occasion of the 225th anniversary of GP Girard-Perregaux, the La Esmeralda tourbillon watch in rose gold was inspired by the first pocket watch with the three golden bridge tourbillons. This tourbillon watch also won the ‘Tourbillon Chronograph Award’ at the 2016 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards. By 2019, Girard Perregaux once again launches the platinum La Esmeralda tourbillon watch with a time-honored design and a more stylish appearance. It is a masterpiece of uniqueness among similar watches.

The La Esmeralda Tourbillon watch has an arrow-shaped surface that is mirror-polished, the arrow blades are manually chamfered, and the sides are polished with straight grain

The Sanjinqiao Tourbillon movement is distinguished by its unparalleled and unparalleled design. Since its introduction in 1860, the basic structure has remained unchanged, becoming the oldest movement still in production in the history of horology. The main splint is equipped with a pure gold bridge plate, a barrel, a drive train and a tourbillon, showing the subtle ingenuity that combines aesthetics, technology and symbolism. The double arrow design is entirely hand-decorated and inspired by the bridges of the famous pocket watch La Esmeralda in the past. The arrow-shaped surface is mirror-polished, the arrow blades are manually chamfered, and the sides are polished with a straight grain process.

The ruby ​​bearing at 12 o’clock is the core of the barrel, and the miniature automatic disc is hidden behind the gear under the bearing.

In order to enhance the beauty of the visual contrast and capture the light more completely, the bridge arm is manually polished by a grinder to produce fine rounded corners. In the center of the bridge arm, the diamond base is fixed by two screws. The cylinder, center wheel and tourbillon frame must be aligned on the same plane. The watch’s tourbillon frame, which consists of 80 parts, is completely polished by hand, and only skilled assemblers can do it. The perfectly balanced body features a unique hand-polished lyre shape that showcases a major feature of the brand.

The rotating tourbillon frame is beautiful and fascinating; it is equipped with a high balance moment balance wheel, which can vibrate 21,600 times per hour

The watch is equipped with the GP09400-0016 movement, with a thickness of 8.41 mm. It takes one month to assemble 310 parts. The three-part structure of the main splint is obvious. La Esmeralda Tourbillon inherits the famous timepieces that Girard-Perregaux praised for its history, and interprets the brand’s unique aesthetic style.

La Esmeralda Tourbillon

Platinum material / GP09400-0016 self-winding movement / hour, minute display / sapphire crystal, transparent case back / waterproof 39m / diameter 44mm / reference price: 1,400,000 RMB