Well-known Watch To Visit Piaget’s Factory To Geneva

The history of Piaget watches can be traced back to 1874. It was founded by Georges-Edouard Piaget, who is only 19 years old, and uses his name as the brand name. I believe that everyone has I heard that its main product line is not only its proud watch products, but also jewellery products that fascinate women. The editor of the watch house was fortunate to be invited by Piaget to visit the Piaget Swiss factory in August. Is the Piaget brand? Then please continue reading my tour of Piaget.

  Our tour of Piaget Watch Factory was divided into Beijing Media and Shanghai Media. We set off from Beijing or Shanghai and finally gathered in Geneva. Our Beijing Media first flew directly from Beijing to Charles de Gaulle Airport, which is known as the fashion capital. This is A fascinating city, romance, fashion, culture, literacy and more.

  The famous Eiffel Tower model can be seen everywhere in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport besides a lot of luxury stores. Various and various color models can be bought here, but take a closer look. Many of them are made in China . Luxury bags do not even need to say that the ladies of our colleagues started their ‘dream’ journey as soon as they got off the plane.

  After a short stop at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, we made a flight to Geneva, the second largest city in Switzerland. In addition to the beautiful Lake Geneva, Geneva is the most famous international city in which international institutions gather. Of course, it is also the most famous clock and bank. Capital.

  Approaching Geneva, we can see the snow-capped mountains surrounding Geneva from a bird’s-eye view. The two main mountains around Geneva are the Alps and the Jura Mountains. The snow-capped peaks surround Geneva, making Geneva’s temperature suitable. The lowest temperature in January is -1 ℃, and the highest temperature in July is 26 ℃.

From the air, the greenery in Geneva is still in place, and the entire city is divided by large vegetation.

  If you want to understand the characteristics or culture of a city, you can see it at its airport. We have just arrived at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. Everywhere we see Eiffel Tower models. When we arrive at Geneva airport, we can see watch posters everywhere. The picture above is The Piaget Altiplano G0A35130 watch I took at Geneva Airport. This watch is a model of contemporary ultra-thin watches. It is equipped with a movement thickness of only 2.35 mm, which is the thinnest automatic winding in the watch market today. The movement, the thickness of the entire watch is only 5.25 millimeters. It is the thinnest watch product among ultra-thin watches. The dial is designed with three layers of silver and has a small second hand at four o’clock, which is noble and elegant.

  The count’s detailed schedule has given us a warmth to people in other countries. The reception staff of the count has already waited for us at the airport early. Since we and the media friends in Shanghai did not arrive at the same time, we arranged two buses. The car is waiting at the airport.

  The internal greening of Geneva city is also better. Most of the cars driving on the road are European cars. Japanese cars are rarely seen in the country. Renault, Alfa Romeo, Fiat and others are not very common in China.

  After a short trip, we came to the President Wilson Hotel in a very good location. This hotel is a five-star hotel next to Lake Geneva, with convenient transportation and beautiful scenery.

  After the check-in, the little friends can’t wait to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beautiful Lake Geneva. The clear water of the lake is full of fascinating cruises. We will mention too much about Lake Geneva and the beautiful pictures in this article. This article will introduce you here first, and the next one will be very exciting because we will visit the earl’s most historic factory, which is located in the quiet village of La Côte-aux-Fées on the Swiss Jura mountain.
  Summary: The editor is not the first time to come to Switzerland, but this time I am still very excited because the object of this visit is Piaget Watch Factory. As we all know, Piaget Watch is known for its solid movement workmanship and bold design style. What kind of team is behind such a great brand to support the development of the brand? This has always been what editors want to know, and all answers will be revealed in the next article.
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